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Outstanding Student Athlete: Michael Makris

Published On: May 09 2013 05:22:24 PM CDT   Updated On: May 13 2013 12:32:47 PM CDT
Outstanding Student Athlete: Michael Makris

MISHAWAKA - Golf is more than just a weekend hobby for Michael Makris.  The game is in his DNA.

"Ever since I was two years old, I've been playing as much as I could", Makris says.

"My mom definitely helped me.  All the work and practice has defintely paid off."

A junior at Marian, Makris has reached the state tournament in each of his past two seasons, but success as an underclassman hasn't effected his drive.

"(My goal is) to be the best.  Be better everyday", Makris says.

"I'd have to say Michael IS the best", coach Brian Horvath says.  "And he's only a junior.  He's only going to get better."

Makris will have to continue to improve in order to reach his goal: competing with the world's best, on the world's best courses.

"After a match h'll be out there hitting balls", says Horvath. "He'll still go out there and practice."

"Eventually I'm going to end up playing in college", Makris says.  "I'd like to be good enough to try and go pro".