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Local Nigerian woman speaks out about kidnappings in her homeland

Published On: May 06 2014 10:56:43 PM CDT   Updated On: May 06 2014 10:58:39 PM CDT

A Berrien Springs woman talks to WSBT about the kidnapping of hundreds of schoolgirls in her native country.


Lots of attention has come to Nigeria after the kidnapping of hundreds of schoolgirls by the terror group Boko Haram.

A local woman born in Nigeria wants people to know this is not the way it normally is in her native land.

Ejiro Elems came to Andrews University with her family in 2005.

She says it's okay for women to get an education in Nigeria. In fact, that's where she got her first college degree.

Elems says men are very respectful and protective of women in Nigeria, so she says the men involved in the kidnappings are not real Nigerians.

The whole situation is very scary to her.

"I'm hoping that the guys involved in this barbaric, I call it 'barbaric,' because it's just barbaric," Elems said. "The guys in this barbaric act just stop, somehow stop."

She says her husband goes back to Nigeria to visit from time to time, and she's just hoping there can be peace again soon.