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Storms rip through Granger neighborhood last night, causing damage

Published On: Aug 06 2014 02:45:28 AM CDT   Updated On: Jun 24 2014 07:48:33 PM CDT

While the WSBT weather team was busy tracking last night's storms, some of you were tracking them, too, sending us some incredible photos of storm clouds rolling in. WSBT's Annie Chang was in Granger for a live report on the aftermath of those storms.


Janna Marshall and her husband were sitting in their bedroom, watching the storm pass by, when they saw something else in the sky.

“The windows started to suction and shake,” says Marshall, “and we saw a trampoline flying through the air between our neighbors’ houses. We found out it came from three houses behind us.”

WSBT’s weather team says one radar estimated up to 60 mph wind gusts on Monday, which are classified as “damaging winds.”

That’s strong enough to pick up a trampoline several hundred feet, peel off parts of the Marshalls’ roof, and ruin their yard.

“The kids were screaming, so we looked out the backyard because they were talking about the trees, and we saw most of our tree line down in the yard,” Marshall says. “Thankfully, it didn’t hit the house.”

She says at least five of their biggest trees were toppled.

Two blocks away, Charlotte DeFebaugh was watching the storm clouds from her driveway.

“They were so low, it was just strange,” DeFebaugh says. “It was down low, and not like tornadoes swirling, and the wind came.”

Came and knocked her neighbors’ pine tree right into her yard.

“Wind just came up over the neighbor's house with debris, we ran into the garage and a branch hit my daughter,” DeFebaugh says.

They say they’re not looking forward to the cleanup that’s coming later, but they know it could have been worse.

“This is just an act of nature. This is just how wind works. No one got hurt, that’s the main part,” DeFebaugh says.

“Everybody is safe, and what’s what matters,” Marshall says. “Stuff can be replaced.”