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Tornado sirens sound in LaPorte County

Published On: Oct 02 2013 10:29:10 PM CDT

Funnel clouds were seen in LaPorte County Wednesday night, and WSBT Chief Meteorologist Paul Emmick explains the weather system that caused the strange formations.


It was a scary night Wednesday for some people in LaPorte County.

Emergency officials there sounded the tornado sirens after three possible tornado sightings.

WSBT viewers sent us some photos of funnel clouds.

There were no reports of any damage.

The first possible sighting was near County Road 500 South and County Road 200 East. The second was at C.R. 1000 South and C.R. 750 East, the third at U.S. 6 and U.S. 35.

WSBT caught up with someone in Kingsford Heights who saw it happen.

"I went outside to look at it, and there it was in the sky, not very long, pretty narrow, but it was definitely a tornado," said Denise Stout. "It looked tornadoish. It was very defined. There was no mistaking it."

According to WSBT Chief Meteorologist Paul Emmick, the National Weather Service said it was a brief land spout, which is very similar to a water spout in its weak nature but over land.

No storm warnings were issued Wednesday night.